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Master Series is a Simulation program(Pneumatic Simulation Software)that was base of real drawing and developed delicately at ship's important machinery.

It's a CBT(Computer based training)program to present motion and action of M/E Pneumatic, Boiler, PID Control, Motor&Air compressor start/stop circuit.
Pneumatic Simulation Software
Pneumatic Master
The Pneumatic Master is a computer based training program(Pneumatic simulation software) that simulates starting, stopping, and operating the main engine of ship with SULZER DENIS-1DMF, MBNW70MC-C type and operating the pneumatic control system accordingly.
Boiler Master
The Boiler Master is a computer based training program for practicing the operation and control of subsidiary boiler for ship. It consists of ACC(Automatic Combustion Control System) control system, FWC(feed Water Control System) control system, and sequence control system.

Sequence Master
The Sequence Master is a computer based training program for basic knowledge and practice training of sequence control. It includes the movement circuit of various motor types and the circuit of pump and air compressor.

PID Master
The PID Master is a computer based training program that implements the change of control characteristics through feedback control and PID control parameter change in real time by modeling the control of pneumatic level control(PID control). It includes the feedback control loop with measuring device and controller and prints the change of each variable of the feedback control system in a graph and text format.